Sri Lanka Overview

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The Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka is located in the Indian ocean bearing a land mass of 65,610 km². The country boasts an income status of middle income and is home to approximately 21.44 million citizens. The economy consists of largely the agricultural sector and the service sector.

Sri Lanka has been a world renowned destination for tourism purposes and over the years laid claim to some of the biggest shipping routes of the region. Sri Lankan is also home to a diverse culture and boasts a rich and ancient heritage. The ethnicities of the country include Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim and religions being Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.

Sri Lanka’s biggest exports are garments and apparels which form 57% of all exports and a large brand identity built up around by the iconic Ceylon Tea brand across the world. Sri Lanka is also rich in many natural resources such as Limestone, Graphite, Mineral Sands, Phosphate, Clay and the discovery of natural gas deposits off shore has added to the already extensive list of natural resources available in the country.

Sri Lanka also has a very vibrant and active private sector which is rapidly expanding the country’s economy and is becoming a sought out venture by foreign investors and businesses

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