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Fimco Estate has professional sales, Marketing, and negotiating specialists with experience and local knowledge to provide a successful and effective sale, and most importantly we are EASY TO DEAL with.

Fimco Estate is a topnotch company established to support holistic services related to real estate mainly focusing on Project Marketing and Sales Solutions for apartment developers and Project & Investment Consultancy. Fimco originated from its parent company Figo Holidays (Pvt) Ltd. Figo Holidays, an award-winning ISO certified destination management company in Sri Lanka with international collaborations ventured into real estate solutions with its insights on the sector. The Fimco Estate conceptualized as a brain child of its founder of Figo Holidays who has more than 18 years’ experience in construction and real estate sectors to provide unique services to the developers and investors. Fimco Estate partners with apartment developers to provide comprehensive marketing and sales support to source the right customers and to close sales thus directly impacting the cashflow and the returns on the investment.

Our services add greater value to the developers by promoting their brands through state of the art brand building campaigns. Through feasibility studies, market research and project proposal and appraisal documentations we make investments options faster and result focused, making lives of investors and developers easier.

Whether you’re an apartment developer, buyer or investor we are always geared to provide you with genuinely trusted and reliable services. Competent staff with utmost professionalism ensure our services to provide you with greater satisfactions, we are confidently call ourselves 'Real Experts in Real Estate’.

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